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Jason Becker is a musical phenomenon.

Dream Out Loud Magazine

"Triumphant Heart" spans an arc from classical to jazz, from blues to rock.

The music on TRIUMPHANT HEARTS is all about the beauty of life and the dignified treatment of one another - the essence of humanity.

Music Through The Times

"The wonderful anthem and tribute to the great Jason Becker won the respect of all and the well-deserved first place in our annual ballads survey with a very epic song and a great message."

All About The Rock

"It’s an album full of stunning music composed by a genius musician who has to score the opus note by note.”

Muzikman’s Reviews

“Triumphant Hearts is an amazing event that every music fan needs to hear.”

Rock ‘N’ Load

“A veritable who’s who of players on this sublime album take the breath away…”

Sonic Perspectives

“…he has given the world a masterpiece and a message of love and triumph.”

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Jason Becker’s Air Covered By Konstantin Kokourov In the beginning of 2019 the young classical composer Konstantin Kokourov will release his first album Notes. The composition Air will be the first single. It is a cover version of Jason Becker’s composition from the album...

Hold On To Love, Picked Best Power Ballad of 2018

#BestPowerBallads2018:  After a long month of voting, and another long month of results, we finally give our traditional #willcomplete in its 11th Edition, in which as every year, in addition to choosing the best release in the rock category and the best...

UG Awards: Top 25 Albums of 2018, Jason Becker #21

21. Jason Becker - Triumphant Hearts Proving that music has no boundaries Jason Becker releases his new album "Triumphant Hearts". A true inspiration to every musician, Jason writes better songs than most of us with just his eyes. Considering the circumstances and a...

Jason Becker: Top 15 Guitarists of the Year readers voted on their top guitarists for 2018 and Jason Becker made the list. 10. Jason Becker The legacy Jason Becker left for the new generation of guitar players is priceless. And despite the difficulties he faces living with ALS, nothing was...

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The new album by Legendary Composer/Guitarist, Jason Becker, is out now!


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About Jason

Jason Becker is a legendary guitarist/composer who has had ALS for 30 years. He still continues to compose and release new music.

“The Sexiest Man Alive” 🙂

Jason Becker’s story is one of brilliance, talent, determination, adversity and, ultimately, triumph. A child prodigy on guitar, Jason rose to prominence as a teenager when he was one half of the legendary rock guitar duo Cacophony (with his great friend Marty…

How Eye Communication Works

Jason is able to communicate using the Vocal Eyes Becker Communication System, an alphabet-oriented spelling and communication tool created by Jason’s Dad, Gary, for those with severely impaired motor and speech capabilities…

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