Kiesel Custom Guitars is proud to introduce their latest addition to the Jason Becker Signature SeriesThe Jason Becker Yin Yang.  Designed by Jason himself, this stunning “dream guitar” was inspired by Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” Fender Stratocaster and includes a series of appointments offered exclusively on this model.

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Although I love the meaning of unity/duality in the yin yang symbol, my desire to design a guitar like this came from my love of Eric Clapton’s ‘Blackie’ guitar. When I was 9, I saw The Band’s movie, The Last Waltz. Clapton and Robbie Robertson made me want to become a lead guitarist. I eventually got a black and white Strat in junior high and used it on Cacophony’s first album, Speed Metal Symphony.

This yin yang design of mine was meant to capture the look of Clapton’s Blackie. To me, every line and curve is beautiful. I worked really hard on getting the perfect balance of black and white and artistic movement. My caregivers followed my picky requests. Without copying a Strat, it feels just as cool or cooler. The neck is the same size as my original Bluey, so I know it feels good. I am so grateful to Kiesel Guitars for bringing my design to life.

Jason Becker

From Kiesel Custom Guitars::

The new JBYY Jason Becker Yin Yang Tribute Guitar is Kiesel Guitars’ latest collaboration with the globally beloved musician. It features the iconic Yin Yang black/white finish, along with matching Yin Yang dot inlays, a roasted flamed maple fingerboard and other premium standard features. Now you can order your own version of this limited edition instant-classic instrument which is made in the USA in cooperation with Jason Becker himself, and all spec’d out exactly the way Jason wanted it.

The Jason Becker Yin Yang Tribute guitar has a mahogany body with a black/white Yin Yang finish on the front and black back and sides with a clear gloss topcoat. Mahogany is a medium-weight high-quality tonewood used for its fine resonating warm tone.

The bolt-on Eastern hard rock maple neck has a tung-oil finish and thinner neck profile ideal for fast playing. All of our necks and fingerboards undergo a long conditioning process in our de-humidification chambers to remove any stress in the wood and prevent future warping or twisting.

Additionally, the dual-action, fully adjustable truss rod helps keep the neck straight and true and allows you to set the action just the way you like it. Dual carbon-fiber rods further strengthen the neck.

The JBYY has a reverse inline angled pointed headstock, with a black finish and a white Kiesel headstock logo. Jason’s exclusive multilaminate Jason Becker truss rod cover, in white, is installed. A locking nut for the Floyd Rose tremolo is standard.

The standard roasted flamed maple fingerboard features a 24.75″ scale length, with exclusive matching Yin Yang dot inlays. Luminlay SuperBlue glow-in-the-dark side dots are also a standard feature. Stainless steel jumbo frets are standard equipment.

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