Gary Becker’s Art

In 1989, Gary had an art exhibit at San Francisco State University.

He said this about the show:

“In the old ways animals were magical beings. They were personified in myth and teaching and exalted on cave walls. Their spirits were evoked with masks in ceremonies of ritual and worship. Now animals are in conflict with our modern needs. We are in danger of losing not just their physical presence but their contributions to the myths of Earth. They represent mind and spirit, swift and unfettered by fence or chain, symbol of what we may lose in ourselves as we satisfy our immediate needs at the expense of our higher nature. With my art, I remind myself and other dwellers in the canyons of steel and glass of the importance of bringing some of the past with us into our high-tech future.”

When Jason was beginning to be well-known, guitar companies sent him guitars all the time. He helped with the design concept, shape, etc., and he wanted Gary to do a painting on a guitar body that came. This is that painting. The guitar never went back. It hangs in our room now.

Jason lived in a Glendale condominium while he was preparing for the album, “A Little Ain’t Enough.” Gary moved in with him to be there for him. One of the first things Gary did was buy a tablet to create art. Not only does he need to do this for his own sanity, he can’t stand blank walls, which Jason had lots of. Since Gary’s art always reflects what is going on in his life, the fruit, fish, vegetables, etc., was what Gary was involved with because Jason’s diet had become very healthy. Lisa Roth (David Lee Roth’s sister) is a nutritionist and helped Jason plan his diet. Gary gave her the lute-shaped prisma color drawing. These are two prisma color drawings created at that time to help cover all those blank walls.

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