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Vocal Eyes Becker Communication System by Gary Becker
Patient Side PATIENT SIDE (What Jason Sees)

Welcome to the
Vocal Eyes Becker Communication System!

An alphabet-oriented spelling and communication tool for those
with severely impaired motor and speed capabilities.

The Becker System is designed for the beginner to quickly become familiar with the layout of this simple eye-movement spelling system and begin communicating immediately! Only two eye-movements are necessary to reach any given letter in the system. Complete eye-movement is required to use the system successfully.
The patient first indicates which block the letter he wishes to spell is located in by moving his eyes in that direction:
Upper Left
Upper Middle
Upper Right
Lower Left
Lower Middle
Lower Right

Remember the caregiver or "reader" will have these directions in reverse, i.e. when the patient's eyes go to the upper left, it will appear as the caregivers upper right. See the chart for reference.

The second eye movement is for the letter. This time only 4 directions are necessary, except for Y & Z.

Y & Z use lower left and lower right eye movements.

You will want to devise a system between the patient and caregiver or "reader" to indicate "yes" and "no". This will help facilitate the speed of the communication process. Twitches, smiles, blinks, winks or any form of movement other then the eye itself can be used to set up the confirmation process. If only one such capability is evident, you should use this as an indication of "no" and no indication is "yes" and continue.

The reader says aloud which box the patient has indicated with his/her eye movement. The patient indicates "yes" or "no". The reader then says aloud the letter the patient indicates, again the patient gives a confirmation or rejection.

You will find that both patient and caregiver will pick up on this system very quickly, and within 3 or 4 letters, will be able to judge the patients anticipated word. For example, the patient begun spelling T-H-E-R, once the letter R is reached, the caregiver should say the word "There" and allow the patient to confirm or reject the word.

Although the board is marked patient-side and care-giver side, your personal situation should determine which side is appropriate. If the patient will be seeing a good number of irregular visitors or has a steady change of staff, it may be better for him/her to become familiar with the care-giver side instead, since the patient-side layout is in an order most similar to how we read, and therefore easier to memorize.


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For further assistance or information write to:
Becker System c/o Gary Becker, P.O. Box 70512, Pt. Richmond, CA 94807


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