THE SORCERER Jason was 15 at the time I painted this painting. What inspired the painting was my amazement at Jason’s wizardry on guitar.I had taught him Dylan and classical guitar. I did not know he secretly became a master of rock guitar  on his own in his room when through with my lessons. It is kind of goofy but fitting with the eternal naughty child that Jason is that the title was inspired by the Disney cartoon of Mickey mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice. Mickey secretly gets hold of the Sorcerer’s wand and commands mops and buckets  to dance and splash water and clean everything until they flood the world. Jason took my wand guitar and made wild crazy music. You can see in the painting how his guitar creates mountains and thunder and magic everywhere. Suddenly he was the Sorcerer and I  the lowly apprentice.-Gary Becker

BUY NOW: SIGNED by Jason Becker and Gary Becker Art Print THE SORCERER (12×9 Inches)

Sales of these prints benefit the Jason Becker Special Needs Trust. This ebay store is the official Team Becker Family store.These prints are signed by Gary Becker, and thumb printed by Jason Becker with signature (Gary Becker signs for Jason).The original painting appears in the documentary film “Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet”.
Entire Piece is Standard Frame-Ready 12″ x 9″.Printed Image is approximately 11.25″ x 7.5″