On Thursday, February 18, 2021, DragonForce Guitar God and epic live stream host Herman Li showcased three very special guitars during his live stream on Twitch. Those watching on Thursday were able to get an up-close and personal introduction to three iconic guitars from Jason Becker’s personal collection: the original prototype of his signature “Numbers” guitar (played by Eddie Van Halen in Jason’s living room), and the two Hurricane guitars used in recording “Perpetual Burn and “Speed Metal Symphony“.

Through mutual friends, Herman graciously offered to show support for Jason and his fight against ALS by featuring these guitars in his live streams over the next 6 weeks. He will also be bringing many of his fellow Guitar Gods on his show to shred on these guitars in an effort to raise awareness of ALS and the upcoming sale of this part of Jason’s personal collection.

These iconic pieces of Guitar History will be listed on Jason’s Reverb.com shop in April. 100% of the proceeds from these listings will benefit The Jason Becker Special Needs Trust and will help with the monumental costs of fighting ALS.

Herman is also giving all funds donated during these live streams to The Jason Becker Special Needs Trust. His incredible followers and viewers gave over $6000 in support of Jason’s medical costs during Thursday’s stream in less than 4 hours. Absolutely incredible. <3

Be sure to spread the news and watch Herman on Twitch to see these historic axes in the hands of some of today’s best guitarists. The Triumphant Trio will also be visiting with many other legendary shredders to honor Jason and add their own good mojo to the mix. If the first #ShredforJasonBecker stream is any indication, there will be some magical moments to be shared. Subscribe to Jason and Herman to stay up to date on the upcoming shows:


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