Hello everyone. Jason has a birthday coming up (50th!) and I know, since he hasn’t been on social media much lately, you all might be wondering how he is doing. He looks forward to his birthday celebration every year; seeing his buddies and catching up on stories. And, we really haven’t sufficiently celebrated his release of “Triumphant Hearts” yet, due to all the physical challenges. That means, we need to plan one big, bad-ass party. Unfortunately, the time just isn’t right at the moment. We hope that will change soon. 

The challenges have been scary and continue to be mysterious. Just when Jason thinks he knows why he feels short-of-breath and weak, and has the remedy, it crops up again and we look for a new remedy when no clear cause exists. It has been hard to stay focused and positive, but the great response to the album, the love and caring of everyone, and some excellent distractions, like Monk(TV show) are getting us all through this and we expect to come back tougher than ever.

I’m not sure how we will celebrate his birthday this year (maybe by watching JawsAmadeusRaiders of the Lost Ark and Alien one after another-HA HA!) but we will be with him and we will be full of love, hope, and gratitude. And we will plan a party as soon as we possibly can. Thank you all for your kind wishes, support and love through the years. Stay tuned!

Pat Becker