Hi everyone,

I’m feeling very grateful for the blessings in my life – for you all, and for your prayers and their effect on me. I had an early Christmas gift last week from my doctors. They did a scan of my lungs and chest and saw nothing troubling. The residual scar tissue that has been bothering me is nothing to worry about. The fluid that had been surrounding my lungs is gone, and my trachea had no blockages – something I’ve struggled with in the past. I thank you all for your part in this outcome; I feel it is huge, and I hope my prayers for all of you have as much power.

May I ask for help with another obstacle I am facing currently? Since I communicate with my eyes, when it is hard to keep them open or move them it is challenging to get my needs met or train caregivers. My left eye has been quite weak lately. You prayers for its strength are just what I need right now.

With profound gratitude,