There are some great covers of my song “Perpetual Burn” out there. Check out Jeff Loomis’ version on YouTube. Alexandra Zerner also has a nice one. I notice that some people have a little trouble figuring out the intro licks, though. That is understandable, because I didn’t play them completely clean. My lame excuse for that is that the amp was feeding back a lot between the licks, so instead of having silence between each one, I had to use the bar. I had to change my way of thinking about this part, which is what you have to do sometimes. Marty Friedman used to say, “A craftsman never blames his tools.” I totally agree with that. Many people have excuses for why they aren’t kicking ass. I find that some of the time, it is just that they haven’t practiced enough. Try to be good on any guitar and amp.

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