In the beginning of 2019 the young classical composer Konstantin Kokourov will release his first album Notes. The composition Air will be the first single. It is a cover version of Jason Becker’s composition from the album Perpetual Burn, which was released 30 years ago. Konstantin grew up on Becker’s music. His art and thirst for life is a guiding star for the composer. The American guitarist has been suffering from a serious affliction – Lou Gehrig’s disease for many years. Jason can communicate and compose music only by moving his eyes. “Jason Becker’s compositions have helped me to live to the fullest, to work, to make music, and not to squander precious time over the past ten years,” explains Konstantin Kokourov. Jason and Konstantin stay in touch. The guitar player has already heard the final version of Air, recorded with orchestra in Berlin, and Jason gave his approval. “It’s amazing! It’s hard to find words to say how happy I am to hear such a beautiful version of Air. Absolutely fantastic!” says the musician. Konstantin’s album was recorded in Berlin at Teldex Studio and performed by the Scoring Berlin Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bernhard Wünsch. Tobias Lehmann – a three-time Grammy Award winner – was the sound engineer. The release is scheduled for February-March 2019.