After a long month of voting, and another long month of results, we finally give our traditional #willcomplete in its 11th Edition, in which as every year, in addition to choosing the best release in the rock category and the best launch From The Metal Category; we also have the pleasure of making a list with the best ballads that were part of those releases, and that you were voting or recommended throughout the December surveys.

The results surprise us every year, and this is not the exception; in which the ballad chosen by the majority was an emblematic song that is included in the album “triumphant hearts” in which the return of the well-known musician Jason Becker . Becker’s story is known by the majority: he joined Marty Friedman at the end of 80 to form a duo shredder called cacophony and in 1988 edit an instrumental cult album called “perpetual burn”, whose style shone For the original of his melodies and his perfect technique. This made him draw the attention of a David Lee Roth who had become orphaned after the departure of Steve vai, and recruited the good of Becker to record the great “a LIL AIN ‘ t enough”, with the bad luck that just At that time he is diagnosed with ela, a disease that little by little is paralyzing the muscles. With difficulty he was able to record that album but he couldn’t do the tour, and little by little he would be taking it to him to leave him prostrate in a wheelchair without being able to move by giving us one of Shortly after, his father would set a system for Jason to communicate with his eyes and modernized him so he could also compose, with what in 1996 his solo album “perspective”, an orchestral instrumental album accompanied by the guitar of Michael Lee Firkins who showed the world to the Becker composer. Today, 22 years later, this man who is an example of life and overcoming, came back with his second record work already mentioned, of the same; the song “hold on to love” is released. Much more than being A simple ballad, surprises to be a cut sung with pop-soul influences, with breathtaking gospel choirs and a very rich production; presenting the singer Codany Holiday in the main voices. The song,-explains Becker -, ” it was originally going to be instrumental, but after I wrote the choir with letters, I knew I had to tell my story, to explain how I can continue to live without feeling hate I hadn’t written many letters before “. ” some people feel sorry for me “, admit, ” and I understand; although i really feel lucky. I don’t miss playing guitar anymore. I’m sure it’s by need, but I’m thankful for much more. I’m surrounded by loving people, and I can still make music “. jason lost the ability to play guitar, walk, talk and breathe on his own. But he never lost his will to live or his desire to create music. The wonderful anthem and tribute to the great Jason Becker won the respect of all and the well-deserved first place in our annual ballads survey with a very epic song and a great message.

They were more than 300 releases in the rock category and almost 200 in the metal category; and a large amount of these had their own ballads; we made a base list for the votes, but we also left a long space for suggestions , where we have really received a lot of contributions; but to make it easier for now, we leave it on a list of 50 Ballads:

001 – JASON BECKER – Hold on to love
002 – STEVE PERRY – We’re still here
003-Toto – Spanish sea
004 – CWF – 10 miles
005 – GROUNDBREAKER – Something worth fighting for
006 – AXEL RUDI PELL – Beyond the light
007 – JOHNNY GIOELI – One voice
008-gioeli castronovo – who I am
009-Issa feat. Deen castronovo – sacrifice me
010 – GOTTHARD – What I Wouldn’t Give

011 – CORELEONI – All i care for
012 – W.E.T. – Elegantly wasted
013 – DORO – It Cuts So Deep
014 – MIDNITE CITY – You don’t understand me
015 – CORELEONI – Let it be
016 – KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Heart of stone
017 – BONFIRE – Comin’ home
018 – STEVE PERRY – No more cryin’
019 – JASON BECKER – Valley of fire
020 – TREAT – Tomorrow never comes
021 – JUDAS PRIEST – Sea of Red
022 – MAGNUM – Glory to ashes
023 – HEARTS ON FIRE – Ghost of yesterday
024 – NOT HOT ASHES – Boulders
025 – ARTILLERY – Pain
026 – ARION – Through your falling tears
027 – JUNKYARD DRIVE – Way too long
028 – DORO – Lift me up
029 – BEYOND THE BLACK – Breeze
030 – VISIONS OF ATLANTIS – The last home
031 – TWO OF A KIND – Naked
032 – POWERWOLF – Where the wild wolves have gone
033 – REECE, DAVID – Forest through the trees
034 – SALEMS LOTT – Shattered to Pieces
035 – JUNKYARD DRIVE – Sweet little dreamer
036 – FIFTH ANGEL – Can you hear me
037 – CONCEPTION – Feather moves
038 – FM – Love is the law
039 – GRAHAM BONNET BAND – The crying chair
040 – PALACE – Who’s counting time
041 – NORDIC UNION – Die together
042 – SUNSTORM – Everywhere
043 – THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA – Moments of thunder
044 – HARTMANN feat. ERIC MARTIN – Simple man
045 – GRETA VAN FLEET – Watching over
046 – MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST – The last supper
047 – PRIMAL FEAR – Supernova
048 – LOUDNESS – Rain
049 – ODYSSEY DESPERADO – Can’t live without you
050 – CREYE – Love will never die

Just thank everyone who has been part of this great survey, to those who are already part of the great family of Music Through The Times; it will surely be up to 10 months for the start of a new where already We will choose the best of this 2019 that only in its first month is already leaving a lot of material and in the remaining promises to be a year of great surprises