Posted by Terry Rasor 
October 07, 2009 06:51AM
Every song on this cd is ,in my opinion, what life is all about.

It is so good I bought over 20 copies of "Collection" and gave them to guitar teachers and musicians all over.
When I came back through the places I had given the cds to people, they were all wanting more copies of "Collection" for students and friends. "Terry, where can I get more of these?" I told them where to find it and the rest is, well, history.
One thing is for sure, Jasons "Collection" touched the lives of these musicians and I have recieved e-mails and phone calls telling me thanks, best cd ever!

One story I will share, I gave "Collection" to this guy, he is around 35 years old, next time I was in his area he came up to me and said, "Terry, this is the most beautiful music I have heard." I said, "yep"
He continued to tell me he hadnt taken it out of his cd player in his car yet.
It had been 3 months since I gave "Collection" to him! Whoa! He said he cried, laughed and loved during the listening of Jasons music.

If you dont have this cd yet, get it! You will love it, I promise you.

Peace and love,
Terry Rasor
Re: Genius
October 15, 2009 07:55PM
That is so awesome! I wonder how many CDs have sold so far...

check out my band OBSEQUY:
Re: Genius
November 01, 2009 07:36PM
Amazing. I'm not going to lie, I spent a lot of time shredding up the new album, ESPECIALLY higher. Though I have to admit, river of longing is practically the best ballad ever. smiling smiley Keep up the awesome compositions man, I only wish I had half the talent you do.
Re: Genius
November 02, 2009 08:57PM
Thank you large! It means a lot.

Re: Genius
December 21, 2009 03:04AM
I ordered this cd from u.s.a (I live in israel) because I wanted to introduce jason`s music to my dad.
My mom knows his music and loves just my dad was left to cover.
Cd finally arrived but mail guys broke the plastic case..I found another plastic case and replaced it.
Gave it to my dad to listen to it in his drivings (he drives alot)..
The songs he really likes are "number 2 and number 5" as he says (River of longing,Higher)
Our only complain about this fine collection is that after such a relaxing piece like higher,
they put on "its showtime!". I really dont like the sudden change.
The editor should have made a better job here. I think that "concerto" and "drop in the bucket" should have been in this one too. But a complete collection for a fan,would be just having all of your records!

I love the river of longing songs...but cant find myself willing to listen to the other new piece.
Heard it once..its too odd for me..dont like tribal feels too much out there...

all in all,thats a great record....worth every buck!! genius at work..
Re: Genius
April 22, 2010 08:58AM
hi Jason, I have question for you..
Who played River of Longing (reprise)? I heard like Marty style.. Both very2 beautifull songs, I could tear trickled hear that song, like I heard Rio by Marty.
Hope you are fine there.
Re: Genius
April 23, 2010 08:25PM
Steve Vai played the first solo. Marty played the last solo. Dan Alvarez, keyboard. Matt Bissonette, bass.

Re: Genius
June 10, 2010 01:00PM
Genius, pure energy!!!

I have ALS too,and this is a really life prolonging therapy!
Bought PERSPECTIVE few days ago, and saw the video of 'END OF BEGINNING' - can't find right words for this efficiency.
Never give up, Jason!

Re: Genius
August 02, 2010 04:02PM
that end of beginning vid is fantastic
Re: Genius
May 15, 2011 01:07AM
I got hold of this album a while back, after a friend of mine introduced me to your music by showing me "Altitudes." So I decided to give this compilation a spin as it was less expensive and easier than tracking down your whole catalogue. In a nutshell, I enjoyed every second of the album. I find songs like "Altitudes" and "Air" to be exceedingly soothing and theraputic to me, as I have depression a lot and it really does help me to cope with things. And more upbeat tracks like "It's Showtime! and "Meet Me In The Morning" are just fin to listen to. I would have to say that this is one of the best CD's I have heard, and I have a fairly large catologue of music, in all genres.

Thank you for your beautiful music and the emotions that stem from it!

Re: Genius
September 28, 2011 11:45AM
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Re: Genius
December 28, 2013 07:36PM
Hi Jason,

I'm new here and I just want to say I have just ordered your Collection CD from my local store in Finland. Main reason why I wanted this CD is because the tracks from PERSPECTIVE. In my country this PERSPECTIVE CD is very very hard to find. I haven't seen it anywhere and I have asked it all around without results. Why this brilliant album hasn't been re-relesed again?
Re: Genius
January 03, 2014 12:58AM
Thank you, man! I don't know why.
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