Just watched "Not dead yet"...I loved it
Posted by madteo72 
Just watched "Not dead yet"...I loved it
December 15, 2012 04:33PM
Hi Jason

I watched your documentary an hour ago, on a rainy day here in the UK;my wife out shopping and my toddler asleep...and I loved every word and every note. I only vaguely remembered your story: in the late 80s I wasn't into metal (yet) but then I discovered Vai, Satriani and your friend Marty. And now I know your amazing story. My best friend in Italy lost her dad last year (ALS for nearly 4 years) and I'll have to email her later to tell her about Mr Jason Becker and his strength.

All the best man, you are a true inspiration. Now time to go to amazon and get your entire discography!!

And Happy Xmas, too !! smileys with beer

PS: documentary best moment: when you kept staring at your blue guitar on the wall looking so inspired and emotional.
Re: Just watched "Not dead yet"...I loved it
January 13, 2013 08:01PM
I recently watched it too ; I cannot explain the effect it had it on me, but I have jason on my mind all day everyday. You are a true hero, and an inspiration. I am just badly disappointed at the higher beings.
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