Movie about Jason Becker
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Movie about Jason Becker
October 03, 2010 07:04PM
Re: Movie about Jason Becker
December 24, 2010 06:01PM
I'm looking forward to this. Believe me, if i have any sort of PayPal or credit card i would love to contribute. But i will redeem myself by buying your albums at my local store. Lastly, Happy Holiday Jason. You have great family and friends too.
Re: Movie about Jason Becker
April 07, 2011 06:35AM
Hey Jason!
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for having all four of us at your place and allowing us to completely overstay our 30 min time slot eye rolling smiley
It was unreal meeting you and your amazing family! I must admit, for Andreas and I (Bronson), the first few minutes were very intense for our sensitive spirits. It was something like a "disoriented, lachrymose joy"! Andreas could hardly present his painting (let alone speak grammatically correct English) without feeling scrambled! we were a mess confused smiley Even meeting the Great Gary Becker was a sweet thrill for the soul!!! He also showed us his studio and gave us some very meaningful incite on influences/purposes behind his work. That meant more to us then he probably knew! Also, I met a lovely young lady name Kristine... Would you happen to know her? winking smiley
Overall, the experience of seeing you and your gorgeous home added a good ratio of completion to our lives! hehe SO I just had to write a thank you with the promise of a more nerve-stabilized discourse next time we were to meet in the future! Hope you enjoyed the concert and the movie is coming along!!!


P.S. We are still laughing about the 'small nose' comment you made in response to Andreas' painting grinning smiley
Re: Movie about Jason Becker
April 10, 2011 08:33PM
It was a blast hanging with you all for me too! You guys should come back for my birthday party. You guys can keep in touch from the contact email on this site.

Was Kristin a tall blonde? She is my girlfriend. I am sorry 'bout that!

Re: Movie about Jason Becker
April 12, 2011 04:43PM
Hey Jason, hope all is well. I'm Brian, one of the friends that came with Bronson to your place and met you. I always dreamed about meeting you since I first learned of you when I was have been an endless supply of strength for me and people I know. I don't know if you remember, but my girlfriend (who has 2 metal "truss rods" in her spine) also got to meet you that night at Slims. You've been a huge inspiration in her life (so much that you're one of the reasons she is studying to become a nurse).

I intended the Slims concert to be her birthday present, but it turned out so much better than expected!! She was floored...

Meeting Mr. Becker was awesome too. I give you my regards Gary, you are a great person, father, and artist. Thank you for show us around. Hope the little "stinkers" don't give you too much trouble!

Jason, the movie will be amazing! No doubt about it. Thank you so much for everything.
Re: Movie about Jason Becker
May 04, 2011 10:34PM
Hey Brian! It was great meeting you all and your girlfriend, too. She is really cool.
You are all invited to my party which will probably be July 17 around 2pm. All the best, my friend.
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