Posted by JasonBecker 
February 05, 2015 11:05PM
I can't thank you all enough for your lovely thoughts and support! You are the best! I am back to "normal" now. I am grateful for you.

The Jason Becker Carvin number guitar is available here:
I understand that the site outside of the USA isn't working right now.
If you aren't in the USA, contact Chris at and he will get you sorted out.

By the way, I designed this guitar to look like an old-fashioned toy.
February 24, 2015 11:17PM

That is awesome, I like the simplified electronics. I have an 89 dc-135 and a 90-91 dc-400 on top of many other axes of course (you know it's an addiction ha). I liked the 3x on/off switches on my 135 for a while but realized later they simply aren't fast enough to switch from bridge to neck and vice versa.

The dc-400 has many cool features that I know you're hip to, all with the whole phase reversal, coil tapping on both pickups and 2x vol + 1 push/pull, 2x tone pots but dang it's just a little too much sometimes, though it looks mighty hot rod in the electronics cavity ha.

so much negativity from me! I'd like to balance it off by saying I love love love my Carvins, and I really like how you gave your new one that san dimas feel. one 5 way blade, and a volume pot. BUILT TO SHRED> I bet that pot is like 1 million billion k resistance ha. plus without the motherboards and rockets in the electronics cavity there's more room for wood! I'd LOVE to try that thing out. Do you know if they have any on the sunset strip down south at the shop? or in San Diego?

Look how much space I waste on your page, apologies!

One last thing, I just bought 2 of your dad's prints and wanted to thank you big time for releasing those. Those are going up in my living room loud and proud and I'm sure as soon as they arrive this week I'm gonna slam some of your jams and headbang in my living room until I throw up all over myself, pleasurefully. ha gross.

Jason, you are sexy, keep the updates coming!

-Justin Pare
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