Perpetual Burn Humbucker
Posted by guitar74 
Perpetual Burn Humbucker
June 17, 2014 03:49PM
Hey All,

Just got done having a conversation with one of the BIG online music retailers about when they are going to have the Perpetual Burn humbucker available and was told that they probably aren't going to stock it (which kind of annoys me as I would rather give one of the retailers I am familiar with my money), but was given the old "will put forward to their marketing guys" response. I am now on a mission. The mission is this: I challenge all of you to get intouch with these retailers and let them know what an opportunity they are missing by not stocking a piece of gear used/endorsed by a legend who as at LEAST as influencial as Lynch, Gilbert, Randy, and Eddie.

Just thought everyone should know that it seems most of them are going the "Special Order Only" route. What a CROCK!!!

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