Posted by Arman 
May 22, 2012 02:51AM
Hey Jason! How's it been! Congrats on the documentary! Any chance it will be on Netflix? Then again I'd probably just end up getting the dvd anyways for keeps. Anyways..

-So here I am a over a year after listening to Jason Becker for the first time. Ever since I first listened to this album I've felt like I could almost swear I've heard a lot of the licks before. I always liked that familiar feeling you get when you listen to something you've never heard before (does that make any sense?), but now the curiousity is too much! I just can't imagine where I could have heard these influences before. Are there any secret allusions to other other music (often classical) in this album? examples: that outro last minute of Mable's fatal fable or the intro to dwellar. 2:40 to 3:12ish on eleven blue egyptians- I feel like I've heard that on a violin some where, but I have no idea why or how anyone would think of doing something as evil as that on a violin hot smiley.
2:35 tapping solo to 3:42 of altitudes (especially the tapping harmony part). I mean, I just can't imagine how any really good guitar player would just decide to wake up one day and start ripping and adding crazy twists to neoclassical licks, then record it all on tape. You know what I'm saying?
Re: Influences/allusions
May 23, 2012 08:40PM
Funny! I am not aware of swiping stuff. I'm sure it is possible. Thank you.
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