"Altitudes" takes me high
Posted by silvietta 
"Altitudes" takes me high
February 24, 2012 09:36AM
Dear Jason,
I listened to your "Perpetual Burn" cd today,and,after many times I listened to it,i can say "Altitudes" is one of my favourite instrumental pieces ever,if not my favourite!I love the atmosphere of this track:it's some way majestic,and it takes me higher and higher and then slowly down when the music ends;it's also sweet and sad,and it makes me think about the events of my past and feel nostalgic;I'm a thoughtful person,and listening "Altitudes" often helps me to tidy my thoughts or to fly away from them if they're really too many. So,Jason,thanks for this masterpiece!thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upsmiling smiley
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