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Talk about Jason's band Cacophony here! Did you see them live? Swap stories! 
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My Story of El Paso, TX 198? by robcurtis2 2,201 9 05/06/2015 09:31AM
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My "Speed Metal Symphony" video on YouTube commented by Jason? :-) by mayzan 6,234 9 05/06/2015 09:30AM
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Probably the best Cacophony covers you will ever see by Silverfox Tomerdin 1,161 1 05/06/2015 09:24AM
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The early days by littlebee 1,426 1 06/03/2014 06:36AM
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Concerto Song by demonfingers 2,070 11 04/25/2014 02:17AM
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Some ''savage'' faces from my friend. by Kr3gg 1,468 1 12/17/2013 04:32PM
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Cacophony's The Ninja by pezuniga 2,156 3 04/18/2013 01:25AM
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Tips about Cacophony songs by ThomasMustaine 2,848 14 09/24/2012 04:11PM
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You are the greatest inspiration for me, Master Jason. by george debbarma 1,598 2 09/22/2012 07:22PM
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Practice regimine by Stone87 2,268 2 06/24/2012 09:45PM
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I was too young by Kulemu 1,951 2 06/06/2012 02:40AM
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JASON ive gotten thousands into your music my friend have you ever? by jasonbluerasberryhound 1,592 2 11/30/2011 10:17PM
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hey when i was 5 my first album was kiss,we are THE BECKER ARMY :p by jasonbluerasberryhound 1,713 1 11/26/2011 07:39AM
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Cacophony by [BFG] 2,248 6 11/22/2011 07:39PM
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Introduction. by Edward7 1,849 1 09/14/2011 12:09PM
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Uthopy by play_loud 1,887 1 03/08/2011 04:20AM
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Recording Speed Metal Symphony by OliverJ 1,947 2 01/21/2011 10:46PM
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sdkjncslkdj by binknit 1,974 1 06/25/2010 08:52AM
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sdvsdv by binknit 1,957 1 06/25/2010 08:52AM
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My Jewel cover on youtube smiling smiley by Kr3gg 2,316 2 01/07/2010 01:25AM
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My Jewel cover on youtube smiling smiley by Kr3gg 2,207 1 12/30/2009 03:19AM
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The Best Duet Ever by Ivan 2,460 1 10/15/2009 05:26AM
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Whoa, Cacophony! by Terry Rasor 2,142 1 10/09/2009 12:19AM
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